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Here at CK Fitness our number one focus is on building a community where we Serve People. We serve our members to the best of our ability by putting their needs and goals at the forefront of everything we do. Serving people means going above and beyond to exceed expectations and to give them a great experience.

We truly care about our members so we always Do What’s Best For Them individually. We know when to progress or regress a challenge or exercise to get them closer to their goal. We are committed to always being present for our members and being empathetic to unexpected obstacles that may arise in their lives.

We are committed to guiding and supporting our members by using Personalized Practices. Through these practices we strive to build honest relationships with our members so we know how to hold them accountable.

Finally, we have a Focused Vision on Steady Progress for our members by focusing on one challenge at a time. We celebrate the small wins and subtle changes because it is moving them closer to adapting their health and fitness journey as a LIFESTYLE.

We do not overwhelm our members by trying to change and implement too much at once but together we know where we want to go and have a steady and straight path to get there.

Here at CK Fitness our number one goal is to serve people. We always do what’s best for our members, we use personalized practices, and have a focused vision on steady progress.

CK Fitness- Building Strength / Gaining Confidence.


CK Fitness focuses on 3 fundamental uniques:

  • We empower our members with Confidence

  • We teach our members how to adapt Lifestyle nutritional habits, not diets

  • We walk alongside our members throughout the program to instill results through Accountability; no one is in it alone.



We have a proven process on how we instill a positive change in our members:


1. Initial consultation

  • Set goals

  • Set expectations

  • Fitness & health evaluation

2. Match client to a program

  • Determine what training program is right for the client 

3. Introduce weekly challenges

  • We work on one healthy habit at a time 

  • Learn the fundamentals of nutrition- one thing at a time

4. Weekly check-ins

  • To instill accountability & see how the past week
    went with their challenges

  • To see what went well & what can be improved upon

 5. 4-Week evaluation

  • Progress assessment

  • Retest

  • Remeasure

6. Ongoing accountability & support

  • To make sure the client is doing what they are supposed
    to outside of the gym

  • To instill commitment to the program

  • Coach walks alongside client

7. Results

  • Long term positive change



Building Strength / Gaining Confidence